Teachers Pet Mixed Media Jute Bag

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Fantastic Handmade Teachers Gift Bag

We have fantastic Handmade Teachers Gift Bag for your end of year gift. End of school year, and the struggle continues; what do you get those who have looked after your kids all year round? A box of chocolates is a great gesture, but seriously, don’t you think they are tired of chocolates?
Teachers need to be appreciated everyday, but end of year is a very special time for lots of obvious reasons. Get them a gift which is not only unique but is functional as well.
42 x 33 x 19cm
Natural/Green handles
Washing Instructions
Sponge clean only
Please note that all our bags are unique. They are created based on mood in the store (which is always a happy one). They are created and designed with passion, love and excitement. There is also a hint of playfulness and a bit of experimentation too. When we have an idea, we don’t wait; we do it.


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