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Approx Width: 45 inches
Approx Weight: Light
Type: Cotton
Quantity: per metre
Pattern: Circles, Squares
Composition: 100% Cotton
Washing Instructions: Washable at 40 degrees

* Please wash all fabric before use. If you are in any doubt about care instructions test a sample first to find the most suitable way to wash your fabrics. Please test sample if you decide to tumble dry.

* All sizes and measurements on this website are approximate.

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Product Description

West African Super Wax Print. Item is sold per metre so you can buy as little as you want
Made primarily from fine cotton. Fine smooth textured fabric due to a polished finish. If you want to learn how to sew using this kind of fabric, why don’t you get in touch?

You can make different kindof items with this fabric, you are limited by your imagination.


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