Sleeping Cap

If you have Afro hair and you want to maintain moisture, covering it at night is essential. However, you might as well not bother if you use a cotton scarf or one of those ‘proclaimed’ satin bonnets sold in the shops for £1.99, which have no fibre of satin in them.
Our sleeping bonnets are lined with real satin which has a soft and luxurious feel. The smoothness of the satin material will disallow surface friction which often leads to hair breakage. Also, the weave of the fabric is so tight, it retains a lot of the moisture which would otherwise escape during the night while you sleep, and your hair is not protected properly.
Our sleeping bonnets take into consideration the fact that afro hair could be quite voluminous in its natural state and often quadruples in volume when the hair is in locks or braids, a lot of sleeping bonnets out there will struggle to accommodate that amount of volume.
The fact that we use pretty, African wax fabrics as well as other carefully handpicked fabric is simply because we want something which is not only useful but looks good too.

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